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Greetings and welcome to STIKMI! Since day one, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the best in music education, performance, and artistry. We are proud to be an institution that has garnered an enviable reputation for being a pioneering and visionary music institution in Indonesia.

STIKMI is rooted in a deep tradition that goes back decades ago since the founding of Yayasan Musik Jakarta in 1983. Our success comes from our strive for excellence, and not being afraid to think outside the box and dream big. We celebrate a diverse student, faculty, and staff body, contributing to a richly varied community that encourages mutual respect, communication, and collaboration.

A driving force in the classical music education in the nation, STIKMI is based in BSD City, Tangerang, and shares its campus with its sister institutes: Sekolah Musik Jakarta (SMJ) and Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan Musik - Yayasan Musik Jakarta (SMKM-YMJ).

Throughout the years, we host a number of exciting music programs including the Jakarta International Summer Music Festival (JISMF), the ASEAN International Concerto Competition (AICC), Yayasan Musik Jakarta Indonesia Open Competition, and many others. We regularly host seminars, masterclasses, talks, and other events by renowned international artists who are passionate about their work and sharing it with us. Our networks are international and far-reaching, and we encourage you to participate and take advantage of what our school has to offer. Please explore our website to discover more about us. And come visit our campus to see what makes us a unique place for all things creative and enriching.

It’s a pleasure and privilege to be part of the STIKMI family: to enjoy its quality education and student life, and to work closely with talented and remarkable students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and friends. I look forward to hearing more voices from the community, as we continue to endeavor to be a more accessible, innovative, and inspiring university.

At STIKMI, your opportunities are endless. Our doors are always open to you.
Let music live, let’s live with music!

Dr. Kuei Pin Yeo
President, International Conservatory Music of Indonesia

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