Sekolah Tinggi Internasional Konservatori Musik Indonesia (STIKMI) is deeply committed to excellence in music education, performance, and artistry. A premier international institution, STIKMI is the first of its kind in Indonesia to provide conservatory training to equip and prime young musicians towards a performing career. With a curriculum that heavily weighted on performance, with an equal emphasis on mastering not only the technical but also artistic aspects of the craft of music making. STIKMI’s programs of study encompasses a wide range of musical instruments in classical, jazz, and pop. Governed by a Board of Trustees that includes both a national and international Advisory Board, STIKMI has also become a center for performing arts, one that serves its surrounding communities of music lovers with hundreds of live performances a year. As STIKMI continues to expand and grow, we hope to continue nurturing new generations of talented musicians, artistic leaders, and above all, well-rounded human beings.

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