STIKMI was established in order to fulfill Yayasan Musik Jakarta's vision of producing talented musicians who are capable of presenting music of the highest artistic values.

STIKMI was founded in 2008 by Dr. Kuei Pin Yeo, the 1st Indonesian Doctor of Musical Arts, Indonesian most persons with music degrees holders, has a reputation as a performer in Indonesia and abroad, She's also widely known as a music educator.

Based on 26 years of managing Yayasan Musik Jakarta with support from Indonesia government who felt it is time for Indonesia to have an international standard of music conservatory, then STIKMI was born to provide an opportunity for music enthusiasts who want to continue to pursue music education degree with a good mastery skills.

In 2015, STIKMI became a fully accredited university granted by the Indonesian Ministry of Education.

Finally in 2016, STIKMI has partnered with Monash University in Melboure, Australia to offer a doulbe-degree program which grants students two bachelor's degrees - one from STIKMI and another from Monash University upon completion of this program.

STIKMI continues to pursue music education in the frontier.


2017 : Membuka konsentrasi program studi.

2016 : Menjalin program double degree dengan Monash University, Australia.

2015 : Akreditasi Program Studi dan Sekolah Tinggi

2012 : Menonaktifkan program Diploma dan memfokuskan diri pada program Sarjana

2008: STIKMI Founded

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